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Quantum Touch is a gentle and very effective  method of natural healing that works with the life force energy of the body to promote optimal wellness.

The practitioner focuses pure intent combined with breathing and visualization techniques to enhance the healing process.

Quantum touch is based on the Quantum Physics principles of entrainment and resonance (phenomena that allows two similarly attuned systems to align their energy so they match in frequency and transfer energy to one another) . By raising his/her vibration to create a high level of energy, and by placing this energy around the area of pain, stress, inflammation, or disease, the client's body will "resonate and entrain to this higher frequency. This is where healing takes place.

What to Expect

​Quantum touch is different for each individual. Some feel very little at first some feel warmth or tingling, movement of energy, or release of emotional issues. Many will experience great changes in their condition immediately or within 24 hours. While others may feel healing up to 7 days after a session.

During a session the client lies down fully clothed on a comfortable massage table while I gently touch the area of the body experiencing pain or discomfort. Some sessions can also be done while standing or sitting in a chair.  





Please call or email to schedule your appointment




$70.00 per session

(60 minute)






Quantum Touch is effective anywhere;

at work, at home, even at a ballgame!



I found myself in an emergency room four weeks ago after a nerve become pinched from a back injury.  My life changed from that day on as I have been in continuous pain.  I had no results from shots, medicine and chiropractic treatment.  I made progress with acupuncture.  However, I had a relapse today from traveling across the country and fell back into severe sciatica pain in my leg and could barely walk.  After seeing you at today’s wellness fair where we happen to run into each other, my pain has subsided.  I do not understand the magic of simply placing your hands on my sore areas, but almost immediately I began to feel better.  I would highly recommend your Quantum Touch to others who are experiencing pain and want a natural non-invasive relief from back pain.


Thank you,


Tom V - Reno, Nevada

“I am a mother of a 9 month old boy. For the first 3 months, my son was colicky.  If he was awake he was crying.  Camille happened to stop by to work on my Grandma, for her knee pain.  I asked her to see if she could help my baby, Camille gently worked on my son and shortly after that he finally settled down and went to sleep.  After that I would call Camille when he was screaming and she would send distant healing for him and again he would settle down and stop the screaming.  I would highly recommend Camille, she has a gift of healing”

Jessica, Maple Grove MN

“I would get extremely painful menstrual cramps, preventing me from doing anything, even going to work was impossible.  My mother told me about Camille.  Camille called me and asked me to lay down on my bed, Camille was in her healing room as she sent me distant healing.  I fell asleep and when I awoke, the pain was gone.  I was able to go back to work and have been relieved of that extreme pain ever since.  I am so grateful for Quantum Touch and Camille. -Thank you"

Anna, Monticello,  MN

Hi Camille:

...I am a very spiritual person, I believe the creator has blessed you with a very important gift. I’m so glad I found someone I could trust to help me heal my mind, body, and soul. This recent healing session is something I have never experienced before. I know now how blocked my mind, body, and soul really were and how it has been affecting my ability to heal myself.  When I arrived at your office I already started feeling a sense of calm come over me as I was waiting. So as I walked into the healing room I was filled with a sense that this was where I was supposed to be. You laid me down on the table and as soon as you placed your hands on my head I felt a gentle pulling from deep inside of me. I could literally feel my soul being pulled back into place. I could feel my cheeks being pulled into a smiling position. I have been under a lot of stress with work ,family and my marriage. I have been having a lot of pain in my core which I was sure it was my pancreatic problem again. As you kept your hands on me I could feel the energy coming from you going through my body and then leaving my body. There was a lot of tingling, gentle pulling, and a sense of relief. When you reached my core I will never forget the feeling I experienced. I felt the pain I usually feel and a sense of sadness and my eyes begin weeping. The tears flooded out of my eyes. I told myself it was ok to release all the pain now that I no longer needed to hold these pains in me. It was at that moment I felt that pain that I have been holding onto leave my body and all the tightness and tension I usually feel finally relaxed . At the end of our session I felt tingly, like my soul had been aligned, rejuvenated ,and reborn, I felt whole again. The remainder of my day was wonderful I felt open, so free, I felt like dancing. Coming to you Camille for healing touch was such an amazing spiritual experience and I truly believe I was guided to you by a power greater than our selves. I hope that anyone who needs your healing can find you just as I did. A lot of times in life we as people forget that we are made up of spiritual energy and this energy sometimes gets clogged. These clogged energy plays a huge part on our Mind, body, and souls so having these energies cleared I believe can renew, rejuvenate, realign, and help us heal ourselves.

Thanks again Camille I hope we can connect on this level again in the future.


So VERY Grateful,

Brandy G., Minneapolis

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